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Two Lane Blacktop

Zen in Motion

I love to just drive, the sound of my wheels, and the wind whistling through the crack in my window - on US Highway 24, down from Wilkerson Pass to the flat, vast emptiness of South Park - not the cartoon, but the real thing, devoid of characters, covered by the big blue sky. On to the speck of a historical ranching town, Hartsel. From there, the road forks - stay on US24 going straight to Trout Creek Pass and Buena Vista, or turn right on Colorado State Highway 9 to Fairplay and Breckenridge. Either way, you cross the emptiness in anticipation of the scenic places beyond. And many times I spot a White Buffalo in the Hartsell herd off Highway 9, with Buffalo Peaks in the distance. No hurry, I drive 55, and empty my mind, just staring at the road ahead, being passed by big rumbling pickups and fancy SUVs. The drive is my destination. 

Up North, beyond Breckenridge is I-70, the freeway West through the Rockies. 4 busy lanes, semis, more semis, cars, more cars, campers, SUVS - all in a hurry and wondering are we there yet. 75, 80 MPH in a frenzy, the journey is but a boring nuisance....