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How to Decorate your walls with Landscape Photographs of Colorado

Creating that Outdoor Ambience of Beautiful Colorado

To create a ambience in your home or office, start with the walls. When you enter a room, the first thing that catches your eye is the wall in front of you. You see what is at eye level. If the wall is blank, it loses your attention, but if the wall has a picture, such as a framed print of Colorado, it grabs your attention, you stop and look at what it is. Unlike scrolling down from the top of your computer or phone screen, your eye instinctively starts at the bottom of the Colorado photograph on the wall. At first it sees a burst of color from the flowers in the foreground of the scene, then up to the stream leading to the distance in the middle of the photograph, and finally up to the jagged mountains at the top of the photograph. The Colorado photograph hanging on the wall has grabbed your attention and enveloped you with an ambience of an outdoor scene that is experienced in a virtual sense. The interior room brings in the Colorado outdoors. Attention must be paid to the colors of the walls, the carpet, and the furniture when selecting a Colorado image to hang on the wall. For instance, if the wall and carpet are shades of brown, your eyes would be jarred by the sight of a vivid, predominantly blue Colorado photograph. A better choice would be an Autumn scene with yellow Aspen leaves, or a Summer scene with red and yellow flowers, below a misty green mountainside. So when you enter a room where the colors of the picture hanging on the wall coordinate with the colors of the room, you can experience that total Colorado ambience. Colorado photography is a great way to fill any blank wall. Colorado is natural color for your interior living or work spaces.

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