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Gardens in the Sky

With my camera and my dog, I wandered through gardens in the sky. High above tree line at 12,000' elevation, is the Tundra - short, thin grass on thin soil, exposed after the heavy Winter snowpack melts. In July, a profusion of wildflowers such as red Indian paintbrush and blue Lupine, come up for a short time before the onset of early Autumn. Nowhere in the world are mountain wildflowers found like the ones on the Colorado Tundra. It is a delicate but often dangerous place to be when afternoon storm cells blow in out of nowhere at 20 miles per hour. If you are caught out in the open above tree line, the lightning will seek you out..My dog sensed the approaching storm and pulled me down the trail to the safer timber below. So after many close calls over the years, I'm sill here to return to these gardens in the sky.