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Always on the Lookout

Landscape Photographers are opportunists

I can't help it. I live in the mountains, surrounded by a National Forest, and am surrounded by natural scenes that seem to pose for my camera. Every day to me is different, as no two clouds are alike. So I impulsively point, compose, and shoot. Always something that I didn't see yesterday. To warm up, I take lots of "bad" pictures until I finally get the angle and lighting I want. Many times, I miss a shot, the sun goes behind a cloud and I'll never get that particular scene with those particular clouds again. So I wait for the next opportunity, and if it doesn't come that day, my dog and I get a good walk up the trail in a peaceful setting by ourselves. Often I get surprised, I round the bend returning to the trailhead, and I see something I never saw before on that trail; out comes the camera and I grab the shot before the sun goes away. To be a nature photographer is to pay attention - to be ready when a beautiful scene reveals itself to you, if only for a moment. I live and breathe what I see in Colorado. Always scanning the horizon, anticipating that "big picture", over the rise, around the bend, I sense there could be something there to photograph. Always on the lookout, I trudge up the trail, not minding how sore or tired I am, I'm a nature photographer, always a nature photographer.