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A Sidewalk in Colorado

Online Traffic is not the Same as Real Sidewalk Traffic

If only there was a sidewalk in cyberspace, then I could sell my pictures to the foot traffic passing by.. But no, my bricks and mortar store is closed and I went straight to cyberhell. Monopolists with their analytics tease you with a virtual sidewalk and suddenly yank it away.. So you gnash your teeth, crunch more numbers, and add more keywords. But above all, as an artist, you realize you are bored to death with all of this. The pursuit of metrics can not compare with the pursuit of beauty. I posted this mini-blog on Instagram with a photo of a historic building in Victor, Colorado - on my iPhone. How ironic. Art is at once being enabled and disrupted by technology. From 1990 to 2017, I had a sidewalk in Colorado - on Main Street in Breckenridge. I miss it. My thriving photo gallery COLORADO SCENICS.