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A Short Sleeve Shirt

Wearing a Long Sleeve Shirt for Six Months up in the Rockies

Finally. It's the end of a wet April in the Colorado High Country, and the temps are finally in the low 60s. So I can wear a short sleeve shirt after six months. My face is tanned from skiing, but my arms are white. So starts a Colorado Spring - no green grass and the Aspen trees are still bare. Not much in the way of pictures - just snow capped peaks in the distance with gray and brown mud in the foreground. This is my least favorite time of the year in Colorado. Ski season is over and mud season is here. Rain showers don't bring May flowers, only more mud by the melting snowpack. But I look forward to the onset of a Colorado Spring - in early June, when the Aspen trees start leafing out in beautiful shades of emerald green, and the grasses and shrubs wake up and grow again. Still too cold for mosquitos, my arms are bare to get a tan to match my face. I walk my dog away from the brush to avoid the ticks coming out. I don't want to spend an hour or more picking ticks from my Shetland Sheepdog Roger. But We're on the trail again, looking forward to that short wildflower spectacular Rocky Mountain Summer.