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A How to - Colorado Photography #4

Take pictures with your iPhone, Edit them on the fly

The most underrated device for taking photographs of Colorado is the Apple iPhone, From iPhone 6 to the present iPhone 11. Don't laugh, amazing ability to capture light and shadow equally well, having a better range than many expensive digital SLRs. Prints 11'x14's and larger. iPhones come with a picture gallery to store all the files of the pictures you take. In that gallery is a simple, user friendly editing device that has some of the functions of Photoshop on your computer. Adjustments for highlight detail, shadow detail, brightness, color saturation can be all you need to make the Colorado landscape photo you've taken perfect! There are other apps, many free, that you can download to enhance your photo in many different ways. All tools are in the palm of your hand - you can edit seconds after you've taken the picture. Clouds washed out? Get them darker with detail by using the slider on the highlight tool. Yellow Aspen a bit dull? Use the saturation tool to pump up the yellow. Want more options? download a free basic Lightroom app. All in the palm of your hand, on the fly, as you continue walking on the trail, with all you need in your pocket. What is really amazing about iPhone photography is the wide-angle lens that is so small it allows a greater depth of field than professional SLR camera lenses. Lay in the grass with a Columbine in your face 12" away, and both the mountains in the distance and the flower will be in perfect focus. iPhones are the most efficient and user friendly ways to photograph the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.