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A How - To: Colorado Photography #2

Compose, Compose, Compose - take the clutter out of the scene. Move around.

The eye. You either have it or you don't. A bit harsh, perhaps, but I can't paint. I don't have "it", whatever it is, beyond technical ability. If your photos look like everything in the frame "fits", then you might just have that "eye". Being able to compose elements of a cluttered scene is a talent. Most people just look at one element, snap the picture, and move on. If you have the eye, you stick around and re-position yourself, looking for that perfect frame with the size and shape of flowers, trees, and mountains are all in that hard to describe harmony. Look at the photos in this site. I do it without thinking. If you feel this way, you are on your way. You are lucky. You are an artist with a camera. But it is a commitment - a commitment to keep on taking more and more photos, even some bad ones until you get it right with your eye. First impressions are never enough, organizing an image is a creative process. Have fun!