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A How-To: Colorado Photography #1

Getting Started as a Colorado Landscape Photographer

If you landed on this site, you may be wondering why your Colorado photos don't all look like mine. Unless you are advanced or pro, in which case you can ignore the following. Taking pictures in Colorado has been and is my business (Colorado Scenics in Breckenridge, Colorado - my gallery 1990-2017; now online) So, to sell thousands of my pictures, I had to take good ones, not just snapshots.

First, look for a background. For example, a mountain (lots of them in Colorado). Don't just zoom in on the mountain. Look at the frame (viewfinder or LCD screen) and zoom back so that the mountain takes up 1/5 to 1/4 of the frame (from the top, of course). Ok. Now look at what is below that mountain. Anything interesting there? Is it an empty field? Or are there a bunch of trees and a clump of flowers in front of you? Move lower to the ground to get the trees in the middle of the frame and the flowers at the bottom.. Get closer to those flowers; you can't do that standing up like a tourist. On your knees or on the ground like your dog. Now look at the frame; you have, like a painter, used the "rule of thirds" to compose your picture, with a background (mountains), middle ground (trees), and foreground (flowers). If you can't put all these elements together where you are, walk somewhere else. If you still can't find the right place, you have had a nice hike, so get in your vehicle and drive somewhere else. Most importantly, enjoy the great outdoors. To be continued...

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